Praise for The Possibility of Lions

Marta Maretich has a fine and witty imagination. Her novella presents an entertaining and thought-provoking romp in Central California, complete with otiose lions and irritable oilmen, all seen through the eyes of a sensitive and precocious young girl. Tony Eprile author of The Persistence of Memory

Marta Maretich reveals an original vision and a voice from a region too often ignored. Readers may not be quite certain where they’re going until they get there, but the journey will be fine. Gerald Haslam author of Straight White Male, The Great Central Valley: California’s Heartland, Workin’ Man Blues and The Other California

Marta Maretich knows that the world is both more various and more wonderful than it may appear. The Possibility of Lions looks at feelings that cannot easily be named, and reveals hidden lives behind the bleached-out colors of the California heartland. Maretich writes in a clear, sharp voice edged through with humor and compassion. She knows what it means to be displaced, and the unexpected friendships forged between the lost. Catherine Temma author of The Priest Fainted

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