The Bear Suit

The Bear Suit is  a magical tale of transformation, redemption and release set in the heart of the American wilderness.

“Rollo’s idea of paradise was a wilderness without people, the Garden of Eden after the angel with the burning sword had thrown Adam and Eve out…”

Rollo is sick of other humans. Their cities are dirty, their gizmos are dumb. He knows they’re wrecking the planet. He dreams of escaping to the mountains where he can live alone and be free of them forever.

There’s just one big problem with this plan: Rollo’s hungry human stomach.

No matter how much food he carries in his backpack on hiking trips, he always runs out and has to come back to the “messed-up, man-made world”—or starve.

All this changes when Rollo comes up with a brilliant new way to feed himself in the mountains. But what at first seems like the perfect solution will bring its own unexpected problems and change Rollo’s life forever—in ways he could never have imagined.

“Don’t we all, secretly, want to transform? To be a bird in the sky, a fish in the river, a fox in the woods? The Bear Suit explores this very human impulse in original and surprising ways…anyone who has ever gone camping or who just thinks about it a lot will enjoy this wonderful and engaging story about being in nature and the wilds of the American West.”  Sharman Apt Russell, author of Diary of Citizen Scientist, winner of 2016 John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Nature Writing

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